July 2014

external room 1

External Room #1,
Kieren Reed
Materials: Wood, Canvas, Bitumen.
External Room (1) will be installed in the orchard for the duration of the project. It will also act as a structure to host the activities of other artists and writers who participate in the programme, as studio, office, exhibition space, meeting place.

July 2014
The Nomadic Reading Room
William Morris’ Studio, Red House
This peripatetic collection of artist’s books and printed ephemera curated by Connie Butler will be based at the house for the duration of the project. It will also accommodate new works as they are generated.

July 2014
12th – 13th For Red House arts and crafts fair, artist Natasha Rees will occupy the structure and use it as a temporary studio. She is an artist and writer based in London, who works with print media, moving image and object. Her work engages with manifestations of repetition and difference, and examples of her work will be on display for the duration of the fair.
Natasha will also run an informal drop in workshop, where she will provide variously coloured, and textured papers, textile remnants, magazine and book pages, graphite, chalks, printing inks, patterned wrapping papers and stencils and invite visitors to join her to experiment with themes of active media – and how their intended meanings can be shifted by introducing different elements to the page.​

July 2014
18th – 28th
Melanie Jackson For the beautifullest place on earth Jackson will refer to the collection of books left at the house by former tenant and architect Ted Hollenby. The books reflect his interests in social history and the history of the english working class, the origins of art and archeology, architecture, plants and botany and the russian revolution.
Jackson will work on a series of moving image pieces and a set of ceramic tiles.

August 2014

5 – 10 August – Connie Butler

12 – 15 August – Lauren Godfrey

16 – 24 August – Isabel Mallet

26 – 31 August – Michael Duffy

September 2014

2 – 7 September – Jacob Farrell

9 – 14 September – Jana Bercelova

October – January

Madeleine Pledge, Aycesu Duran and Lauren Williamson

Neena Percy

Amy Brennan

Matthew Peers

February 3rd 2015

The Beautifullest Place on Earth presents: 

Muckle Mouth #2, a programme of live music, screenings, talks and a publication featuring Laura Cannell, L’Ocelle Mare, Helen Petts & Jana Bercelova, drawing lines between folk and experimental artistic practice, curated by Sholto Dobie.

As part of the programme, artists from The Beautifullest Place on Earth project will present performance, film, text and sculpture, drawing upon the importance of William Morris’ Red House in the present moment, exploring legacies of politics and aesthetics, craft and skill, utopian visions, collaborations and communes.

Participating artists include: Amy Brennan, Connie Butler, Michael Duffy, Ayce Su Duran, Sophie Eagle, Jacob Farrell, Sophie Frost, Lauren Godfrey, Melanie Jackson, Isabel Mallet, Neena Percy, Matthew Peers, Madeleine Pledge, Kieren Reed, Natasha Rees, Lesley Sharpe and Lauren Williamson.

Muckle Mouth, meaning ‘the big mouth’ in old scots dialect, or ‘he who talks a lot to no end’, is a series of events committed to bringing DIY artists, musicians and academics together in an informal setting.